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TOUGHCOAT Non-conductive Spigots

TOUGHCOAT range of non-conductive insulated spigots

Welcome to the home of TOUGHCOAT. Join us for a tour of the most technologically advanced spigot.

Let us learn a little bit about this deceptively simple pool fencing spigot and why you should insist on using TOUGHCOAT non-conductive spigots with your next glass pool fence for safety and longevity.

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To introduce TOUGHCOAT spigots, we first need to consider the need for non-conductivity around pools. Water and electricity are a bad combination and therefore metal fixings near a pool will need to be earthed, or more conveniently, made to be non conductive. This is why an electrically insulating spigot was invented: to save installation costs and headaches associated with earthing. Now you can have a traditional looking spigot that is as strong and long-lasting stainless steel.

For more information about spigots in general, what they are, material selection, non-conductivity and useful tips, see the article 5 Major Spigot Selection Details You Need To Know

When applying a non-conductive coating to a metal spigot, you need to be sure that current won’t leak out at the weakest points. This would, in effect, negate any perceived electrical protection. In order to combat this potential harm, and also improve the spigot’s visual impact with a smooth luster, TOUGHCOAT is cast from a custom mould. This ensures an even coating thickness and all-over non-conductivity.

To further guarantee non-conductivity, TOUGHCOAT spigots have adopted a patent-pending insert technology that prevents any potential access to the internal exposed metal. These clever little inserts not only cover conductive parts, they prevent the pressure plates twisting and provide the unique look that identifies that you have a high quality non-conductive spigot that is built to last.

While advanced, automatic line powder coating is used, TOUGHCOAT has many different quality control measures in place. Individual casting and pretreatment visual inspection, coating thickness testing and most importantly electrical resistance testing – to name a few. These non-conductive spigots, while massively exceeding the electrical standards, set a new standard with batch testing carried out at a large and respected international laboratory.

There are many more features and benefits to enjoy with TOUGHCOAT non-conductive pool fencing spigots, which combine to make an all rounder spigot that you can count on in any pool fencing situation!

Available in Matte Black, Eternal Silver, Coastal White and Ultra Clear, core-drilled and base-plated varieties.

Withstands the harsh Australian weather.

10 year replacement warranty.

Compliant to AS/NZ 3000:2018.

Patent number – 2021100574.

Developed in-house by Glassfit over 3 years

Used by over 100 quality tradesman and builders Australia-wide.

Supplied with council forms and testing reports. Accepted by all certifiers.

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