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Pin-fixed Glass Pool Fencing

Custom Designed Fencing Kits From

Pin-fix Pool Glass


Stand-off Pins


  • Pinfixed glass pool fencing
  • Standoff glass near pool
  • Frameless pinfixed glass on timber deck

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The Ultimate Statement In Glass Pool Fencing

One panel six pins! Pin-fixed pool fencing is that easy but oh so effective. Extremely handy in a variety of situations, pin-fixed fencing does it all while maximising space.

From the deck you can only see glass disappearing behind the edge giving you the sense of maximised space. From the outside the glass pool panels seem to float, effortlessly held in place by the sleek stand-off pins.

Let's take a closer look.

Glass pool fencing panels are impressive in appearence. They are sizable and are made of toughened glass, held strong by stainless steel stand-off pins and optional handrail.

Pin-fix Panels
  • Range of glass sizes
  • Custom panels available
Pins and Handrail
  • Variety of stand-off pins
  • Easy to install handrail

Constuction difficulty: 4 Hammers

Glass Fencing Supplies - Delivered Nationally

Fast and secure transport, direct to your door.

With our glass pool fencing and balustrade warehouse located in Brisbane/Gold Coast and Melbourne, delivery is a breeze.

DIY Pool Fencing and Balustrade Made Easy

Our frameless glass fencing is designed with DIY in mind, so in a few steps you can be enjoying a professional finish.

  • Phone and email support
  • Installation guide
  • Industry contacts for concurrent works
  • Site assessors for tricky design and regulation concerns
  • Installation teams on standby.

Pin-fixed glass pool fencing is a great option when the opportunity to use it presents.