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Cleaning Glass

A glass pool fence is not only aesthetically beautiful, practical and safe, but once installed, it is also very easy and cheap to keep clean.

Just like the windows on your house, you will want to occasionally give your glass fence a clean to keep it looking like new.

Here are some tips

  • All you need is a bucket of hot water with the addition of some dishwashing detergent
  • Wash the glass sections with a sponge
  • Use your garden hose to remove the suds
  • Remove the remaining water with a squeegee
  • Strong abrasive household cleaners or solvents should never come in contact with your glass or posts


For powdercoated posts and panels we recommend that you use a damp soft cloth or sponge to wipe clean. A micro-fibre cloth is also excellent, as it will not cause micro scratches on the surface areas.

For stubborn stains, use methyl-based mineral spirits or mineral-based turpenine to avoid damaging the powdercoating.

Stainless Steel Care

Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant chromium/nickel alloy steel that is strong and durable with excellent luster. However, it is not rustproof, particularly in the harsh environment of a swimming pool. Chlorine and bromine used for sanitization are highly caustic chemicals for stainless steel and heat and humidity enhance the corrosiveness of these chemicals.

Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent corrosion and add to the service life for your spigots, railings, gate fittings and any other stainless steel equipment. The goal of your cleaning and maintenance program should be to keep the stainless steel's protective chromium oxide layer intact. This is what prevents corrosion.

Things to try:

  • Apply a physical barrier between the stainless steel and corrosive agents by using a soft paste wax, such as an automotive wax. A coating of wax may last for up to six months, depending on equipment usage.
  • Clean frequently with a cleaner and water. Any cleaner that is safe for glass is usually safe for stainless steel.
  • Occasionally clean with borax, soda ash, or a non-abrasive commercial cleanser and water. Stubborn stains may be removed with a magnesium oxide, ammonia and water paste.

Do you have any tips for maintaining your pool fence or balustrade?

Help out your fellow fence lovers.

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