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"GlassFit Makes DIY Fence Installation Easy! "

Do-It-Yourself Glass Fencing - Made Easy

DIY or Hire a Tradie


Your custom DIY fence is only a few easy steps away. Experience expert guidance and step-by-step support guides.

Step 1 - Design

Having a good fence design will pay dividends when it is time to sit back and enjoy the finished product. It is important to take into consideration how you will use the outdoor space, relevant regulations and style of fencing.

Time for some research.

Step 2 - Measure

Create a quick plan of the area, taking into account features of your landscaping.

Use our step-by-step measuring guide.

Step 3 - Order

With a proper plan, ordering is easy.

Contact us with a copy of your fence plan.

  • Email your plan or material list
  • Phone us with your details
  • Fax your plans
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Step 4 - Install

Depending on the difficulty of the installation, you have a few options.

Contact us for a list of quality installers

Get your builder to install

Follow our step-by-step installation guides.

Join thousands of satisfied customers.

How do we do it?

  • Huge buying power
  • Big range under one roof
  • Extensive supply network
  • Focus on Do-It-Yourself methods
  • Dedication to a hassle-free experience
  • Price Garuantee!

GlassFit's DIY methodology allows a low cost, high quality and stress-free glass fencing experience!

The New Way

We have simplified the DIY fencing process so you can plan, organise and install as much, or as little as you please - saving money at every turn.

Our main focus is to provide the tools and information you need, knowledgable and friendly staff and an all round satisfying fencing experience.

Years of experience and industry contacts are at your fingertips

Talk to our staff at any stage, cost and obligation free.

Nation-wide Delivery

Fast and secure transport, direct to you anywhere in Australia.

Our Garuantee

We garuantee the best prices, comprehensive service and customer satisfaction.

Talk to us today and find out the GlassFit difference.

Our Products

Engineered for performance on all criteria, we make systems that exceed standards and regulations.

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