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How-to guide


This guide is designed as a reference only and may be incomplete, or not suitable for your purposes. Each fence should be assessed individually.

GlassFit accepts no responsibility for how the information provided is used.

Steps to create a fencing plan

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Define the area

Draw the area where your aluminium fence will be located. Take note of important features, such as:

  • Your house position
  • Concrete and decking
  • Existing structures
  • Boundary fences
  • Large trees and garden beds
  • Any object in the path of the fence
Take measurements

Measure the distances between points of your fence line and write them on the plan.

Calculate panels sizes

Divide each section into equal sized panels or full panels.

Panel sizes are 2450mm

To get a general idea of how this can work for you, try our fencing calculator.

Review materials

Materials required:

Section 1: 7.3m
Section 2: 7.3m
Section 3: 6.8m
  • 9 x 2450mm panels
  • 10 Aluminium posts
  • 44 Shrouds
  • 1 gate
  • Hinge and latch set